Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shannon's The Weekly Chase

I had originally planned to post this on Monday when I returned home from work but... 
so instead I am posting it today. 

Here's how last week went: 

1. Grow as a blogger. I need to work into my day a set time that I commit to blog so that I don't get behind on race recaps etc. I also want to work on an agenda to come up with daily topics to get me blogging more. I partially accomplished this... so far I have about 50% of an agenda completed for me to follow. 

2. I am going to continue with the M & M challenge...for April its Abs! Done!

3. Run 3 times this week. It's starting to get hot during my run times so I am going to have to change my run times which will be a challenge. I love to go to my 7am gym class and then run but I may have to reverse that. Well, I only got in two runs because my 3rd was supposed to be a 5K while we were in New Orleans but the race was rained out. :(

4. I gave up sugar in a challenge last week and I want to continue that challenge. Done!! I didn't even make my traditional visit to Cafe du Monde while in Nola!! (Not sure if that's good or bad though...) Nor, did we bring home pralines like we usually do... for what I had planned for this week: 

1. Continue to work on my agenda for blogging. 

2. Continue with the M & M Challenge. 

3.  Run 3 times this week... I have signed up for a virtual race since my other race was cancelled. If not, my next race isn't until the first weekend in May. 

4.  And SUGAR! 


Remembering and Praying for Boston

On Monday I had two blog post planned that I was going to work on when I returned from my appointments. Well...that didn't happen. I was just pulling into my subdivision when my mother called to tell me that something had just happened at the Boston Marathon. 

I pulled in the driveway, ran into the house and turned the television on to find that someone evil and cowardly had set off bombs at the finish line. I watched in horror like the rest of the nation and couldn't pull myself away from the news. 

I jumped on Facebook and Twitter to see if my friends that were running the marathon were okay. Thankfully all of them were accounted for within the hour and none of them were hurt!! They were all safe!! 

Yesterday, the running community united in either solo runs or group runs in honor of Boston. In the morning I ran with my boxer, Roxy. My plan was for us to run 4.09 miles because that was the time on the race clock when the first bomb went off. Roxy and I ran 3 miles but after 3 Roxy refused to run anymore so we walked the last 1.09 miles. During the run I prayed for Boston. 

The running community also united by wearing race shirts yesterday. I wore my race shirt from my first marathon this past February. 

Later on yesterday morning Brandi and I walked 4.09 miles on the beach path. Afterwards we went and sat on the beach just reflecting, visiting and enjoying the beautiful day. Neither one of us thought about taking a pic while we were together but it was great to get to spend some time with her. 

My oldest son's baseball team had a game last night so since their colors are green and gold I wore my green race shirt from my first half (but I failed to take a pic of that as well). 

Seeing all of the post of other runners who ran yesterday for Boston or wore race shirts makes me so proud to say that I am a runner and part of a wonderful community! 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crescent City Classic 10k aka Party Run

March 30th was the 35th annual CCC 10k - one of New Orleans largest and funnest runs.  My friend and I took advantage of this and drank it instead of run it.  The fun started Good Friday at the Expo.  Bib and tshirt pick up was quick and easy.  We saw Patrick House the winner of The Biggest Loser of season 10 in 2010.  What I found amazing is that he is about to run his 3rd Boston Marathon since losing all his weight 3 years ago.

We ran into my fellow Flamingoz/Runner Shannon and Larisa who was working the Woman's Half booth at the expo. It's always I plus when I see them.  And you can not beat free beer at an expo - that is when started the fun :)  Of course we somehow ended up on Bourbon Street for a few hours and met some fun people.  Then it was home to rest for an early 5:30 am roll call at the bus.

At the blink of an eye it was race day, I mean party day, and time to get up and go.  Met the crazy run train group at the bus and started rolling at 5:45am.  The champagne (and "little embarrassments") started popping around 6:30 am.  We arrived near the start line so it was time to pack the backpack with beer and ice and head out. 
Jody and I at the start
At the start we met this girl named Whitney who was planning on running it alone but once we offered her a beer she decided to stick with us.  The crowd started moving so then we knew we were off.  It wasn't long until we stopped somewhere off Decatur for a pit stop and then not long after that for a beer stop.  So then it was the three of us fast walking stopping at beer stops, margarita stops, beer funnels....  
Who runs into a unicorn everyday???
Then almost 2 hours later we crossed the finish line.  We hung out at the after party and got some free beer then met up with the rest of the bus group.  From there we loaded up and headed back to Baton Rouge.
Jody, Whitney and Me finally finished!

Chillin' with the medals

The rest of the voodoo crew
I ran this race as a real 10k a couple years ago and this year as a party race and had a blast each time. It is definitely a do again race and a must do for those that haven't - either to run it or walk it. So mark your calenders for April 19, 2014 CCCK10k

Reveille at Oak Alley 5k (3/16/13)

I have lived in Baton Rouge my whole life, an hour away from Oak Alley plantation and never been there.  I took this opportunity to run the Oak Alley 5k to finally visit.  This was their 2nd year doing it.
So I had my dad wake up bright and early and go with me - poor thing thought it was a half marathon.  He was not aware that he would be driving 2 hours total for a 30 minute run :)
We got there early and it was chilly and foggy but still gorgeous.  Check in was a piece of cake, no hassles.
Me at the start line
The gun sounded and we were off!!!  The course was a bit tight at the beginning running through the grounds of the plantation.  Once we hit the road it was definitely more room to move around.  We went down the highway a bit and up the levee in front of the plantation...
heading to the levee
Gorgeous view on the levee
I was a bit worried once we got on the levee because at a certain mile point you turn around and head back. So you had to stay to the right and quickly go around people and watch for runners coming back toward you.  I talked to a guy from the NOLA running club and they said that the route will change some next year since the race was getting bigger.  I just hope they don't take away running the levee completely.
Then at mile 3 was the moment I had been waiting for and the reason why I ran the race - the run down the drive under the oaks!!!
I tried to get a good picture but my thumb got in the way

Could you ask for a prettier finish line?

The race was on the same day as the big Art and Craft festival.  We did not stay for it - don't think dad is not too much of a craft fan :)  But those funnels cake sure were smelling good at the end.
This is definitely a run I will do again next year.  You can not beat the scenery here.  Check out NOLA Running to see what other races they have and keep your eye on when this race starts registering for next year. I am also excited to say that I will be running the cemetery run that is put on by NOLA running.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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I think we'll give it a try. :)

~Shannon's Weekly Chase~

I'm back!! Last week was Spring Break for Son #1. After returning from New Orleans where I ran The Crescent City Classic we spent Easter Sunday at home, had a busy, busy work day on Monday to make up for vacation then headed south. Son #1's high school team had a baseball tournament in Orlando for their spring break. 

Son #1 spent the week with his team so when they were not playing baseball games we took Son #2 to...


The Lego Store at Downtown Disney

On Friday night Son #1's team played in the championship game and came home CHAMPIONS!!! 

On Saturday we were able to spend the day together as a family and go back to the park. Son #2 had been missing his brother all week and I loved seeing them having so much fun at the park! 

We had a wonderful Spring Break and it was good to get away and unplug!! 

So now I am back to the Weekly Chase!! 

I'll recap my last weekly chase....

1. Continue with the M & M and finish out the month as well as the SBBC challenge. I did it!! I finished the month! 

2. Finish my post about the McGuire 5K!! I didn't get this one completed but I did post about the CCC we were running. 

3. Run twice this week along with the 10K I hope to run on Saturday! Completed! 

4. Get two more post drafted so next week while on Son #1's spring break all I have to do is hit post! :) Next week is family time! Well...I got these completed but then I had problems posting pictures so it was half complete. Please, if anyone knows how to post pics from an iphone or ipad I need help!! I could only get them to upload at the end of my post instead of throughout it. 

SO, here are my goals for this week: 

For April Mindy has included a new challenge: 

For my April Challenge I want to: 

1. Grow as a blogger. I need to work into my day a set time that I commit to blog so that I don't get behind on race recaps etc. I also want to work on an agenda to come up with daily topics to get me blogging more. 

2. I am going to continue with the M & M challenge...for April its Abs! 

3. Run 3 times this week. It's starting to get hot during my run times so I am going to have to change my run times which will be a challenge. I love to go to my 7am gym class and then run but I may have to reverse that. 

4. I gave up sugar in a challenge last week and I want to continue that challenge. 

I hope everyone's week is awesome!! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recap of the 35th Annual Crescent City Classic

I've been trying to post this recap for the past week but was having technical difficulties... I had to work late the day after the race and the next day we left on Spring Break vacation. I thought it would be easy to post from my iPhone or iPad but I couldn't get any of my pictures to post where I wanted them. So..if you have any suggestions for future post please leave me a comment. 
Anyway...on to my recap. :) 

Can I just tell you that The Crescent City Classic  was the most fun race I have run (with almost 17,000 of my closest friends lol) in a long time!! And it was the 35th Anniversary so they had medals for the finishers!!

On Friday morning Larisa, her hubby and I drove over to New Orleans. We worked the Gulf Coast Half/Woman's Half booth at the CCC expo. I was surprised at how big the expo was. There were several guest speakers and they offered free beer and free red beans and rice. One of my favorite apparel companies One More Mile was there. I also signed my hubby and myself up for A Run Through History Cemetery Run  that is this Sunday the 14th. 

Mindy, Larisa and I at the Expo

Jody, Stef and I at the Expo. 

The next morning we woke up at 6am to get ready for the race. We had to walk a few blocks from our hotel to the start line. The trolleys weren't running that morning so we left the hotel around 7. A few blocks away you could hear the music coming from the start line. 

Here is what the start line looked like when we first walked up... 

Doesn't look that crowded does it?? 

These were some of the elite runners. 

And, this was the scene just past the start line... 
The start line was at the Superdome!! 

Thank goodness there were corrals this year!! We were able to locate our corral easily and get in line. I'm also thankful that they asked the walkers and strollers to start in the back. While I still had to dodge quite a few walkers and strollers I can't imagine what is has been like in the past before there were corrals for this race. 

Melanie, Larisa, and I before the start of the race. 

The race didn't start until around 8:15 due to some runners being stuck on buses in traffic. We started out in Corral F and crossed the start line around 8:27.  This is considered a party race so we saw all kinds of people...some dressed in costumes, some pulling coolers of beer on wagons. I love that we ran past the Cathedral, Cafe du Monde and the French Market.  

The race turned out to be hot and humid by mile 3 and I was thankful that there were water stations at every mile.  There was a firetruck on Esplanade that had its siren going and they were handing out jello shots. A little ways further down Esplanade I saw another group that had signs that offered "Free Beer, Water $4.95". Only in New Orleans will you find that lol. 

Along the whole route of the race there were crowds cheering for the runners! I loved that!! Once I crossed the finish line I came to a complete stop because there were so many runners lined up to receive their medals. This was the first year the CCC offered medals in honor of the 35th Anniversary.

After we picked up our medals we headed over to the Race Party! 

There was tons of food and beer available as well as awesome music!! 

Papa Grows Funk and Marc Broussard rocked the stage after the race!! 

Larisa had a pass to get into the VIP tent! 

The group celebrating a great race!! 

Do you see the lady behind me?? 

If you have ever thought about running in the Crescent City Classic I highly recommend it!!! Next time I hope I'm in a corral closer to the front to hopefully avoid all of the weaving... according to my Garmin Larisa and I actually ran 6.69 miles due to all of the weaving around the walkers and strollers. The course is flat and runs through the French Quarter...what could be better?? 

This race will be on my calendar every year!!