Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~Shannon's Weekly Chase~

I'm back!! Last week was Spring Break for Son #1. After returning from New Orleans where I ran The Crescent City Classic we spent Easter Sunday at home, had a busy, busy work day on Monday to make up for vacation then headed south. Son #1's high school team had a baseball tournament in Orlando for their spring break. 

Son #1 spent the week with his team so when they were not playing baseball games we took Son #2 to...


The Lego Store at Downtown Disney

On Friday night Son #1's team played in the championship game and came home CHAMPIONS!!! 

On Saturday we were able to spend the day together as a family and go back to the park. Son #2 had been missing his brother all week and I loved seeing them having so much fun at the park! 

We had a wonderful Spring Break and it was good to get away and unplug!! 

So now I am back to the Weekly Chase!! 

I'll recap my last weekly chase....

1. Continue with the M & M and finish out the month as well as the SBBC challenge. I did it!! I finished the month! 

2. Finish my post about the McGuire 5K!! I didn't get this one completed but I did post about the CCC we were running. 

3. Run twice this week along with the 10K I hope to run on Saturday! Completed! 

4. Get two more post drafted so next week while on Son #1's spring break all I have to do is hit post! :) Next week is family time! Well...I got these completed but then I had problems posting pictures so it was half complete. Please, if anyone knows how to post pics from an iphone or ipad I need help!! I could only get them to upload at the end of my post instead of throughout it. 

SO, here are my goals for this week: 

For April Mindy has included a new challenge: 

For my April Challenge I want to: 

1. Grow as a blogger. I need to work into my day a set time that I commit to blog so that I don't get behind on race recaps etc. I also want to work on an agenda to come up with daily topics to get me blogging more. 

2. I am going to continue with the M & M challenge...for April its Abs! 

3. Run 3 times this week. It's starting to get hot during my run times so I am going to have to change my run times which will be a challenge. I love to go to my 7am gym class and then run but I may have to reverse that. 

4. I gave up sugar in a challenge last week and I want to continue that challenge. 

I hope everyone's week is awesome!! 


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