Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reveille at Oak Alley 5k (3/16/13)

I have lived in Baton Rouge my whole life, an hour away from Oak Alley plantation and never been there.  I took this opportunity to run the Oak Alley 5k to finally visit.  This was their 2nd year doing it.
So I had my dad wake up bright and early and go with me - poor thing thought it was a half marathon.  He was not aware that he would be driving 2 hours total for a 30 minute run :)
We got there early and it was chilly and foggy but still gorgeous.  Check in was a piece of cake, no hassles.
Me at the start line
The gun sounded and we were off!!!  The course was a bit tight at the beginning running through the grounds of the plantation.  Once we hit the road it was definitely more room to move around.  We went down the highway a bit and up the levee in front of the plantation...
heading to the levee
Gorgeous view on the levee
I was a bit worried once we got on the levee because at a certain mile point you turn around and head back. So you had to stay to the right and quickly go around people and watch for runners coming back toward you.  I talked to a guy from the NOLA running club and they said that the route will change some next year since the race was getting bigger.  I just hope they don't take away running the levee completely.
Then at mile 3 was the moment I had been waiting for and the reason why I ran the race - the run down the drive under the oaks!!!
I tried to get a good picture but my thumb got in the way

Could you ask for a prettier finish line?

The race was on the same day as the big Art and Craft festival.  We did not stay for it - don't think dad is not too much of a craft fan :)  But those funnels cake sure were smelling good at the end.
This is definitely a run I will do again next year.  You can not beat the scenery here.  Check out NOLA Running to see what other races they have and keep your eye on when this race starts registering for next year. I am also excited to say that I will be running the cemetery run that is put on by NOLA running.

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