Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Remembering and Praying for Boston

On Monday I had two blog post planned that I was going to work on when I returned from my appointments. Well...that didn't happen. I was just pulling into my subdivision when my mother called to tell me that something had just happened at the Boston Marathon. 

I pulled in the driveway, ran into the house and turned the television on to find that someone evil and cowardly had set off bombs at the finish line. I watched in horror like the rest of the nation and couldn't pull myself away from the news. 

I jumped on Facebook and Twitter to see if my friends that were running the marathon were okay. Thankfully all of them were accounted for within the hour and none of them were hurt!! They were all safe!! 

Yesterday, the running community united in either solo runs or group runs in honor of Boston. In the morning I ran with my boxer, Roxy. My plan was for us to run 4.09 miles because that was the time on the race clock when the first bomb went off. Roxy and I ran 3 miles but after 3 Roxy refused to run anymore so we walked the last 1.09 miles. During the run I prayed for Boston. 

The running community also united by wearing race shirts yesterday. I wore my race shirt from my first marathon this past February. 

Later on yesterday morning Brandi and I walked 4.09 miles on the beach path. Afterwards we went and sat on the beach just reflecting, visiting and enjoying the beautiful day. Neither one of us thought about taking a pic while we were together but it was great to get to spend some time with her. 

My oldest son's baseball team had a game last night so since their colors are green and gold I wore my green race shirt from my first half (but I failed to take a pic of that as well). 

Seeing all of the post of other runners who ran yesterday for Boston or wore race shirts makes me so proud to say that I am a runner and part of a wonderful community! 


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