Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shannon's The Weekly Chase

I had originally planned to post this on Monday when I returned home from work but... 
so instead I am posting it today. 

Here's how last week went: 

1. Grow as a blogger. I need to work into my day a set time that I commit to blog so that I don't get behind on race recaps etc. I also want to work on an agenda to come up with daily topics to get me blogging more. I partially accomplished this... so far I have about 50% of an agenda completed for me to follow. 

2. I am going to continue with the M & M challenge...for April its Abs! Done!

3. Run 3 times this week. It's starting to get hot during my run times so I am going to have to change my run times which will be a challenge. I love to go to my 7am gym class and then run but I may have to reverse that. Well, I only got in two runs because my 3rd was supposed to be a 5K while we were in New Orleans but the race was rained out. :(

4. I gave up sugar in a challenge last week and I want to continue that challenge. Done!! I didn't even make my traditional visit to Cafe du Monde while in Nola!! (Not sure if that's good or bad though...) Nor, did we bring home pralines like we usually do... for what I had planned for this week: 

1. Continue to work on my agenda for blogging. 

2. Continue with the M & M Challenge. 

3.  Run 3 times this week... I have signed up for a virtual race since my other race was cancelled. If not, my next race isn't until the first weekend in May. 

4.  And SUGAR! 


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