Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shannon's Weekly Chase #9

Yes, I know its Thursday and the week is over halfway done but better late than never...right? I arrived home to find my oldest son had received several letters of interest from colleges and we have been busy filling out forms and getting information to them. 

A little recap of last week's goals: 

1. Hydrate!! I'm am going to have to make myself do this! Done!! I added in coconut water and my MILA Chia seeds and accomplished this goal! 

2. Reach out to a few friends who I don't see often and let them know how special they are. (Challenge Goal) Have the letters written and envelopes addressed... didn't get mailed though. :( 

3. My husband has his post surgery followup this week so I will have an opportunity to leave a few notes behind for operation beautiful in that office while I wait. DONE!! And then on Thursday my youngest son came down with strep so I took the opportunity to leave more notes at his doctor's office. 

4. Finish my marathon shirt!! I have another option if I can't get the original idea to work. DONE!! And I loved it!! Shout out to Katie Futch for her help!! 

5. Plank-a-day...even when I am in Nola! If only I had to nerve to actually plank on Bourbon Street lol. I did this everyday except Saturday and Sunday...didn't get my plank on Bourbon.  

So for this week my goals are (were since its so late): 

1. Rest (which means walking and not running) for a couple of days then back to the gym and running. 

2. Catch up on much needed sleep! Due to staying with a friend whose dog is deathly afraid of storms and the fact that my nerves were already on edge because of the marathon there wasn't a lot of sleep to be had last weekend. 

3. Finish a product review and get that posted. 

4. Continue with Operation Beautiful. I have lots of magazines to donate to my gym so I think I'll include a few notes to be found. 

I hope everyone is having a great week!! We have a busy weekend planned of high school baseball and a monster truck show!  


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