Monday, February 18, 2013

Stef's Weekly Chase #8

We should just call this Stef's Weekly Chase #7 redo....  After a clumsy injury on Monday left me with a bruised rib(s) I did not do anything all week but work and then home to lay down...  So my week 8 will be to do week 7... to recap my goals:

1). Clean/reorganize another room in house (y'all probably think I'm a messy person but I'm not...haha!!! Just trying to declutter my life)

2). Run 15 miles and add strength training.

3). Do taxes - see what the man is taking from me

4). Challenge goal - surprise another somebody

5). Finish what I started with last week goals.


  1. Oh no Stef! I hope you are feeling better!!! A bruised rib does not sound fun! Good luck this week with the goals!

  2. get to feeling better for sure!!!!!!!!!!!