Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Chase #7 ~ Shannon

I feel like first weekly chase was not as successful as I had hoped...

1. Be more consistent with my plank-a-day and at the end of the week post my times. I think I did okay with this...while I didn't plank every day I did plank 5 out of seven days. My best time was 2:40 on Tuesday and 2:30 on Wednesday. 

2. Drink 100 ounces of water daily. Not so successful with this one....only reached 100 ounces one day... I do so well in the mornings and mid day but by afternoon and evening I have to force myself to drink anything. 

3. Organize my planner to include a section for our new blog to jot down ideas instead of on scratch paper that I tend to misplace. Success!! Now if I could just take the time to actually put them on the blog!

4. Challenge Goal----I will choose a family member and send them a message or tell them how much they mean to me and how appreciative I am of having them in my life. Success on this one as well!! 

5. Challenge Goal - join in on the Success on this but didn't leave as many notes as I had hoped. 

So... week 7 will be a definite challenge for me. My husband is having surgery on Wednesday but I'm still going to try and reach a few goals.

1. Continue with my plank-a-day...I think I will go back to posting on Instagram/Twitter and hold myself more accountable that way.

2. Continue to work on my 100oz of water daily. I generally only drink water since I have cut soda's etc out so you would think it would be easy...

3. Put my ideas for the blog on the blog this week including our Double Bridge Run and a product that I am testing.

4. Challenge Goal - Same goal just another family member. :)

5. Challenge Goal - this should be easy since I'll be at the hospital for quite awhile...I am starting my notes now to leave behind.

6. I almost forgot my biggest goal...finish our shirts for the RnR Full Marathon!!

Please keep my hubby in your prayers!!

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. Great job Shannon! Your plank times are awesome! Definitely start posting them on Instagram and Twitter...helps me stay accountable! I will definitely say prayers for your husband! Let us know in the FB group how he is please!