Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rock N Roll NOLA from a Half Marathoner eyes

Ok, February 24, 2013 was suppose to be my first full marathon but I made the decision to back down to the half because I was not properly trained.  Also it ended up being a good idea since I suffered and injury a couple weeks before - a fractured rib.
The days leading up to the race were nerve racking.  The weather in New Orleans was showing rain on Sunday.  So the stress of what to wear for the run and what to pack for gear check was really weighing on me.  But leave it to the South to have the weather change every five minutes :)  Finally the good news of no rain until Sunday afternoon came.. Thank goodness.
We got to the expo Saturday at about 11:00 picked up our swag and then headed straight to the stage to see Brandon from Claim Your Journey speak and perform the song Run Louisiana.  I usually don't listen to the speakers at the expo but I really enjoyed listening to Brandon and the other two speakers ( I am sorry but I don't remember who they were).  It was nice to hear experienced marathon runners talk about "the wall" you hit and that everyone has one -even them- and that you will get through.  I found it very encouraging.  After that we went back to the beginning and shopped and made our way through the expo.  Got some free samples of powerbar, biofreeze, sport beans and downy. I bought my first pair of CEP compression socks (no pink in my size) and the shot glass I get at every RnR.
That night the crazy train group met for dinner at Red Fish Grill on Bourbon.  It was definitely good food and good company.  Megan did a great job planning.  Early dinner for an early night.....
Then it was race day!! Woke up bright and early and tried to get the pre-race jitters out.
Bib of lies
At about 7:20am my corral was off and running.  The course was yet again great and flat.  While running down St. Charles Ave between mile 2-3 I was able to see the elite runners coming back on the other side (mile 7 for them).  It was very inspiring to watch them - saw Mo Farah breezing by.  Those athletes are AWESOME!  
The course brought us up and then back down St. Charles, down Decatur past Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde and the French Market and then we ran all the way up Esplande to City Park.
At mile 12.6 was the turn off to keep going for the full.  By that time that I reached that point there was no question if I was going to try it or stop at the half - my body was screaming STOP!  I was out of AccelGel and had horrible bra chaffing that started at mile 4 along with my side/back that would get tight whenever I stopped.
I finally reached the finish line, grabbed some ice and headed to the group. It was not my best run but was under my worst by a couple minutes -whew!  We enjoyed some beers at the after party, went back to hotel got showered and had lunch and drinks at Pat O's.  We ended up meeting some runners from New York that came down to run their first half marathon.  They were some awesome ladies.  We stayed with them the rest of the night showing them some hot spots on Bourbon Street.  
My New York friends
The Crazy Train Run Group
Overall it was a great race even though I did not do as well as I wanted. I got to hang out with old friends and met new friends.  Runners are definitely different type of people....and I love them.  And last but not least....this is what it was all for:

It is a definite run I will do again.  This time it will be a full marathon!!  The date for 2014 has not been decided yet but I will be there...RockNRoll Nola.  

The only runs for March I have are Foam Fest on March 23 and the Crescent City Classic 10k on March 30th.  I guess that is a good thing to help my rib heal.


  1. ok that must be a good race if you are already determined to go back and do the full!! congrats!

  2. Amanda, check back on my post about the full...