Monday, March 4, 2013

Stef's Weekly Chase #10

I am giving the weekly chase a fresh new start. The fall I had on February 11 ended up with a fractured rib so I have not done much but run a half marathon.. Lol! So here it is... New beginnings!!!

1. Run 3 times this week. I don't want to put mileage on my goal because I am still in pain so I will do what I can.

2. Organize my Scentsy/Grace Adele office. I would really like to get back into selling and doing parties but have to organize everything first

3. To go with #2, work on another scentsy fundraiser for my sister in Texas.

4. Always always always clean up and declutter!!!

5. The big challenge for March will be to lose weight. At least 5 but would love 10 pounds.

So there it month new start


  1. Girl I hope that rib is better! Yikes! Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. I love my Scentsy business - you will have to give me some info on Adele as I don't want to sell that but do like it! Good luck on that fundraiser!! Also you can do #5 - have you ever heard of Shakeology - it is an awesomely healthy way to help! Let me know if you want some info!

  3. Hey Molly... I am just seeing your comment. I LOVE Scentsy too.. Grace Adelle is good. I haven't had any parties for it just with a joint thing with Scentsy at an open house. It is more expensive than Scentsy so to me harder to sale. But I like it so i can buy some stuff at discount ;)

    No, i have not heard of Shakeology.. I will need to look into that.