Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rock N Roll Nola Part Two....

I have written this post several times, saved as a draft before posting because I wanted to re-read it and the draft never saved...started making me think part 2 may not be meant to post. So this time I'm just writing and will post and edit later if needed.

I left off with where the half marathoners and the marathoners split. I was feeling good and ready for the next 13.1 miles.

Around that time Debbye's foot was really hurting her to where she had to really slow down so she told me to go on and she promised she would finish.

Around mile 14 I ran into my friend Jennifer. I was so excited to see a familiar face since the amount of runners had greatly decreased.  We started running together around mile 15 and I was so glad because its around that time that you start seeing the fast marathoners coming into the home stretch. That is hard mentally knowing you have 11 more miles to go.

I had heard about the marathon course from friends who had run it in the past but this year, due to the chance of rain, the organizers had changed it a few days before and it was a straight 5 miles or so out and then back. For this ADD girl that was so hard with the same view going and coming for at least 10 miles!! Plus, the crowd has greatly diminished, there were only 2 bands...just not nearly as exciting as the first half for this girl! 

I learned I need to schedule my races better (especially a full marathon)!! Too much TMI for some but after the first 13 miles my pit stops became more & more frequent as this was the worst day of the month for me to be running a full marathon! Thank goodness the medical tents had what I needed because I had run out it was such a bad day. :( 

I am also not one to look at a course map before a race so as not to psyche myself out. So...I was surprised at the number of overpasses. I was used to the flat half marathon course since I have run that course for the past 2 years.

The turn around was almost at the top of one and I jokingly said its all down hill from here. :)
A couple of miles after the turn around Jennifer and I separated. I saw Debbye and she was still going strong! Around mile 23 I ran up on a lady and we started talking about the course. Her goal is to run a marathon in every state. How awesome is that??!! We ran together for about a mile and then I lost her. 

I could see the end in sight when I got to the final 5K. Then I saw the city park and started getting very emotional knowing that I was about to be a marathoner and had accomplished one of the toughest goals I have ever had. 

My day was made when I crossed that finish line and saw that my sorority sister Heather and her mother had stayed to watch me come in. I was so surprised and thankful to see them.

While visiting with Heather and her mom my friends Jennifer and Larisa finished and I was able to get a picture with them! 

While waiting for Debbye to finish we went over to hear the band. I loved them!! I hope they come back when I run the half so I can have more time to hear them. 

After listening to a few songs we checked to see if Debbye had finished. Her brothers were waiting on her at the finish line. She has now completed her second full marathon!! 

At the end of the race I said I was done with fulls since I could cross this off the bucket list but who knows...there are several that look very intriguing.

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  1. So very proud of you sis! Your the running wonder-womam