Monday, March 4, 2013

Shannon's Weekly Chase

~Shannon's Weekly Chase #10

This week I think everyone in my household is back to normal and healthy and it's Number One son's Birthday week and then it's Number Two's (they are five days apart!)!!

Last week was short and sweet since I was so late getting my goals posted: 

1. Rest (which means walking and not running) for a couple of days then back to the gym and running.  DONE...made it back to the gym for Spin on Thursday and my Arms & Abs class on Friday. Jumped on the treadmill for interval work instead of running outside.  

2. Catch up on much needed sleep! Due to staying with a friend whose dog is deathly afraid of storms and the fact that my nerves were already on edge because of the marathon there wasn't a lot of sleep to be had last weekend.  DONE!! I was able to finally get caught up on Wednesday!! 

3. Finish a product review and get that posted. DONE!!  

4. Continue with Operation Beautiful. I have lots of magazines to donate to my gym so I think I'll include a few notes to be found.  Fell short on this...Had the magazines ready but left them at home. I will do that this week though. 

Now, on to this week and I'm ready!! I'm so excited about this month's challenge! 

1. (Challenge) I've joined in on the Motivation & Moxie March Mania! Facebook group. This will be one of my large goals for the month - to complete each day's challenges. 

2. (Challenge) I've also joined the spring Bootie Buster Challenge with Run To The Finish. This will be my second large goal for the month. It's Birthday month in our household so there will be LOTS of cake and sweets so I'm hoping these plans will help me!! 

3. Clean my house!! Since it is birthday month we'll have company (ie grandparents) coming in for visits so I need to deep clean! And then decorate for the Birthdays!!! 

4. I'm working on a giveaway for our blog and I need to get that up and running no later than Wednesday. 

5. Post about my marathon on the blog...I've been putting it off because I've had mixed emotions. 

6. And try to be consistent and post my workouts and run to DailyMile... 

I hope everyone has a great week and makes their goals!!! 

QOTD: What are your goals for the week? 


  1. Great job on your goals last week Shannon! And girl...get that marathon post UP!!! I've been dying to read it lol! ;-)

  2. I really like that challenge that you posted!I wish might have to use that one on days I need to get somethign in quick!!