Monday, March 11, 2013

Shannon's Weekly Chase

~Shannon's Weekly Chase #11


1. (Challenge) I've joined in on the Motivation & Moxie March Mania! Facebook group. This will be one of my large goals for the month - to complete each day's challenges.  I completed every day and even did some on Friday instead of resting. 

2. (Challenge) I've also joined the spring Bootie Buster Challenge with Run To The Finish. This will be my second large goal for the month. It's Birthday month in our household so there will be LOTS of cake and sweets so I'm hoping these plans will help me!! Done! Just haven't had time to post on the SBBC spreadsheet! Gotta get that done! 
3. Clean my house!! Since it is birthday month we'll have company (ie grandparents) coming in for visits so I need to deep clean! And then decorate for the Birthdays!!! Partially done! 

4. I'm working on a giveaway for our blog and I need to get that up and running no later than Wednesday. DONE!! If you haven't entered you need too!! 

5. Post about my marathon on the blog...I've been putting it off because I've had mixed emotions. Part one is done! I decided to break it up or people might get bored reading it. 

6. And try to be consistent and post my workouts and run to DailyMile... 
Only posted the first couple of days...gotta work on that. are my goals for this week: 

1. (Challenge)Continue with my Motivation & Moxie March Mania! Facebook group. I'm loving adding these quick little workouts to my daily gym classes and runs. 

2. (Challenge) Continue with the spring Bootie Buster Challenge with Run To The Finish and post my workouts on the SBBC spreadsheet. This will be my second large goal for the month. I think I'll add posting to Daily Mile here as well because it looks like this is going to be a challenge. 

3. Finish cleaning my house! Starting this weekend we will have company for the remainder of the month so I have to finish this week! 

4. Post Part 2 of my marathon! I have had it in draft form several times now and it always seems to disappear before I can post... 

5. Post about participating the in the McGuire's 5K this past weekend. You know it's the world's largest 5k!! 

6. Download all of my pictures from my camera, edit, and post them to the baseball account for the high school so I can have a clean memory card for PROM this weekend!! I usually take around 500 pictures a game so editing can be tedious... 

That's it!! It's gonna be a crazy week in my house...Today is son #2's b'day, tomorrow high school game and I have to work concessions during j/v, Wednesday is dentist, doctor, PTA meeting & little league practice, Thursday little league game, Friday high school game and Saturday PROM!! And, I have to squeeze work in there lol. Looking forward to son #2's spring break next week!! 

I hope everyone has a great week and accomplishes all of their goals!! 



  1. Great job on all your goals last week girl! I'm heading to read your marathon part 1 recap now!!! Good luck this week!