Monday, March 25, 2013

~Shannon's Weekly Chase~

~Shannon's Weekly Chase~

Here's the recap from last week:

1. (Challenge Goal) I'm continuing with the Moxie & Motivation Challenge & the SBBC as my main challenge goal for the month.  I did this almost every day. I missed one day after sleeping in from a late night ER visit. 

2. (Challenge Goal) Finish my post about my marathon as well as the McGuire's 5K. Well...I finished my post about the marathon. Hopefully I can finish the McGuire's this week. 

3. Run 3 times this knee has been giving me problems since my marathon so I've been using the elliptical and going to spin class. This week I need to run if I'm going to run a 10K soon.  Completed!! And running felt great!! 

4. Start tagging Little G's clothes for the consignment sale that's in 2 weeks!  Completed and ready to drop off on Friday! 

Son #2's Spring Break ended up being a little more exciting than we bargained for. My sister in law and my twin 6 year old nieces were in town with friends staying on the beach. I got a frantic call while at son #1's baseball game on Tuesday of my nieces had fallen on her elbow and needed to get to an ER. I met them and rushed them to the best  children's ER in the area where it was determined that the break was bad enough to require surgery. :( So... the surgery was scheduled for the following day around noon. Not the spring break that they had planned unfortunately. But, she is a trooper!!! The day after surgery we sat by the pool while son #2 and her twin sister swam with their friends. Here is a picture of her with her cool cast! I have to say that if you are going to have to get a cast I can't imagine a cooler cast than this to wear!! 

 My niece with her cool cast!

Spring Break 2013 #1! 

This week is a short school on Good Friday and Son #1's spring break starts at noon on Holy Thursday! 

Here are my goals for this week: 

1. Continue with the M & M and finish out the month as well as the SBBC challenge. 

2. Finish my post about the McGuire 5K!! 

3. Run twice this week along with the 10K I hope to run on Saturday! 

4. Get two more post drafted so next week while on Son #1's spring break all I have to do is hit post! :) Next week is family time! 

QOTD: Do you have a scheduled time during the day that you work on your blog and nothing else? 


  1. Tell me more about the consignment!! I hope your niece is recovering quickly and healing fast! Did they make it back home yet?! xo

  2. Great job on your goals last week Shannon! I hate your niece broke her elbow..but that is definitely a cool cast! Good luck this week too! What 10K are you running?

  3. Yay on the goals this week!!!! Sorry to hear about your niece breaking her elbow but it is a super cool cast!!!!! Hope you have an awesome week this week!

  4. Good luck with your goals this week! Glad your niece is ok and came through the surgery fine. I don't have a particular time each day set aside to work on my blog but I usually do it early in the morning or in the evening before bed.